The Banneret's Blade

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Trouble Brewing
A fortune has been stolen, enough to build a castle.
It is 1338, Sir Roger de Bohun, the Banneret, is a man of many talents. Friend and confidante of his King, Edward III, he is frequently charged to carry out duties and missions that require the utmost discretion and secrecy. These, fortunately, often leave him time for his hobby: to pursue the ladies.
    But little does he know that the peace and tranquility of England is about to be shattered by a marauding Genoese fleet, paid for by the French.  Meanwhile, the villainous Sir Eustace de Frage - Sir Roger's neighbour - is jealous of this new castle. He also covets his neighbour's wife - the fiery red-head, Lady Alice so he hatches a plot to take both, while stealing Sir Roger's identity to have him declared an outlaw.
    When the French and Genoese attack Southampton, they bring along one of the first cannons that will change the way wars are fought forever. The raiders are driven off; but not before an important one of their number is taken prisoner and held for ransom.       
    For Sir Roger, though, his troubles are compounded by his enemies closer to home as his new castle comes under attack…
'The Banneret's Blade: Trouble Brewing' weaves a rip-roaring tale of treachery, blood, devilry, rape and pillage across a wide canvas of medieval Europe. Many characters, from kings to peasants play their part in this epic tale of  life in those far off times.